Heartsaver Pediatric (PEDI)

AMEC offers a course in Heart Saver Pediatric (PEDI) for the healthcare professionals who want to opt for a career in healthcare only. Nowadays, the healthcare sector is in high demand for trained professionals who can act before the arrival of doctors to save endangered lives in and out of a hospital environment. AMEC courses are designed to meet the regulatory requirements for childcare workers required in all states. The course teaches childcare as a response to an illness and injuries caused to a child or infant. The techniques will lead you to act quicker in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. AMEC offers this course that covers child/infant CPR, child/infant AED, child/infant choking, and pediatric first aid that includes adult modules in CPR, AED, and choking. Students will learn the thorough practical and theory classes offered by the institution, and later the assessments are done. Professional procedures like PEDI can be beneficial for healthcare professionals as they can add value to their careers. The professionals having PEDI certification can get employed by schools, NGOs, and training centers created for child development. AMEC has designed the certification programs depending upon the choice of duration for the healthcare professionals. The course teaches you the techniques and value to act immediately in the absence of medical help.

The Heartsaver courses that we provide were intended for people who have little or no medical background and need a course completion card for work, regulatory (such as OSHA), or other reasons. Anybody who wishes to be trained for an emergency in any circumstance can take these courses. Students who complete several Heartsaver courses earn a course completion card that is good for two years.

This Pediatric Heartsaver course teaches learners how to react to and handle illnesses and wounds in children and infants in the first few minutes until highly qualified assistance emerges. It includes the Four Steps of First Aid as well as pediatric first aid procedures like locating the problem, controlling bleeding, bandaging, and utilizing an Epipen, as well as kid CPR AED and infant CPR. There are additional optional modules in adult CPR AED, kid mask, nnewbornmask, and Asthma Care Courses for Child Care Providers.