IV Therapy, Masters

This 4-hour course intends to provide the necessary skills to safely perform IV insertion and provide IV therapy in any clinical setting. The IV therapy training course is designed for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Nursing Students, Paramedics, Phlebotomist’s and other licensed practitioners who are or will be involved in inserting, caring, and maintaining intravenous infusion. The IV therapy training for these healthcare providers will emphasize hands-on IV start or cannulation, which is the insertion of a cannula (plastic tubing) into a blood vessel.

Professionals providing IV therapy must continually keep current as IV Therapy continues to change. During this course, students will receive one-on-one instruction on performing IV therapy, focusing on anatomy and physiology, asepsis, the equipment and supplies necessary, review of drug calculations, pharmacology related to IV therapy, and the practice of starting to run an IV. This course is appropriate for beginners and other experienced caregivers to upgrade and refresh their existing IV Therapy skills. With our approach, you can expect an environment of learning to help you feel confident in the work you’ll be doing daily.

In the class, students will learn:

  • Steps in preparing for venipuncture
  • Outline steps for successful IV cannula insertion
  • Setting up primary lines, secondary lines, and converting to Saline Lock / Hep-lock.
  • Hands-on Knowledge of All types of fluids, isotonic, hypotonic, hypertonic, etc.
  • Vein identification, location, selection, and preparation for cannulation
  • Care, monitoring, and discontinuation of an IV
  • Identification of nursing intervention for post-insertion care
  • Complications of IV therapy and Management of Complications
  • Troubleshooting tips on common reasons for problems during venipuncture