“Strength: Instructor is very interactive and makes classes very memorable and easier to learn and gives us (gave me) confidence in my skill learned today. I appreciate her fo all she taught me today. Both instructors are amazing at their job.”

M. Ortiz
Nursing Student

“Very fun and interactive, she used great analogies! They should all be like Ms. Bonner’s classes.”

A. Cano

“I loved that we got to do the hands on part and it was a lot of critical thinking which is good.”

O. Ali

“I thought Ms. Bonner did a phenomenal job. I feel very confident in my skills necessary for ACLS moving forward. This class was exceptional.

A. N. Chadwick

“Great Course, Great Instructor.”

Dr. J Griffith

“Student engagement in learning was great! Really enjoyed the course! I thought everything was great.”

A. Saleh

“Amazing! Educational & Entertaining.”

M. Hull